Our History In 1994 Majestic Homebuilders delivered “ More house for Less Money” in the Glen Iris Subdivision.  Henry Cisneros, the Secretary of HUD came from Washington and marveled.  He was impressed at the quality and square footage we could deliver at such a low price.  Fifteen years later we are still delivering. Majestic Homebuilders received more recognition when Mayor Lanier delivered the key to our 100th home buyer. We have been operating for over 15 years on the principle that we will deliver our buyers More house for Less Money than our competitors.  We have delivered over 800 homes in the years since our inception and we are looking forward to building one for you and your family. From Glen Iris to Briar Villa, Mayfair Park, Rittenhouse Village, Cashiola, Acres Homes, Uplift Fourth Ward, Bayou Estates, Majestic Estates and most recently Meadow Crest, Majestic Homebuilders has a reputation of delivering quality homes at a great price